Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Switching from smoking to vaping - A lifestyle change

Vaping changed My Life

I smoked cigarettes for 22 years (started in college). While advised to stop smoking by my physician, I failed after numerous tries. I struggled with products such as gums, patches, inhalers, books, nicotine replacement therapy and cold turkey. Unlucky me not any of those ways worked for me. I was successful in quitting on March, 2015 after buying a superiorquality e-cigarette starter kit and some non-tobacco flavored e- juices. I was able to stop cigarettes in about 1 month of using the E-cigarette. I am now approximately 7months tobacco free with no craving for tobacco cigarettes. I never really thought that this would happen but am so glad that it did. Making the switch to the electronic cigarettes from the tobacco cigarettes actually was fairly easy. I am healthier now and I am vaping instead of smoking.  My lungs do not feel blocked up, I am coughing less.  I am now a vapor enthusiastic and pleased to join a vapers group in may area that comprises of Ex-smokers. This group helps others who are looking to get off of tobacco cigarettes. We think it is important to break the stigmatization of smokers and to alleviate the burden of health risks and high costs of smoking tobacco.

I wanted to share my story with you as a being who was never going to stop smoking cigarettes but who really succeeded in making the change with a harmless alternative. Thanks to eCig Starter Kits that offer you with the newest e-cig technology and the safest e-liquid with fulfillment and changing my health and my life for better.

Quitting tobacco cigarettes and altering your way of life is becoming a gradually more sizzling topic. The benefits are huge for those who desire a higher quality of life. This is the time to switch from those tobacco cigarettes and start vaping. Here are some benefits that you will see after making the switch to cigarettes.

1. Smokers who switch to e-cigs report improvements in smell, taste, stamina and the amount of coughing they experience.

2. Switching to e-cigarettes will permit you to lead a healthier lifestyle. When you build the right life options such as work out and eating healthy, you will rapidly find new liveliness to achieve your goals.

3. Cigarette smoking harms your capacity to smell and taste. Switching to e-cigarettes will permit you to value the delicacy of food because your smell and taste will come back to normal.

4. After swapping to e-cigs, your teeth will no longer be stained by tar. Feel free to show others your smile.

5. One of the bad side effects of smoking is continually dealing with hair that smells like an ashtray. Cigarette smoke gets and stays on your hair and clothes. Switching to e-cigs will help hair smelling fresh.

6. Smoking tobacco messes up your skin. Heavy smokers usually develop more wrinkles on their face at an early age. The earlier you give up, the more likely your skin will get better.

7. E-cigs are more reasonable than tobacco cigarette smoking. Lots of people who make the switch from smoking to vaping are surprised by how much money they are able to save, especially in the long run.

8. Vaping is acceptable in many of the public places where smoking is strictly banned. This is because there is no nasty odor created and the vapor is safe to inhale by those around you.

9. E-cigs are safer. None of the thousands of mystery cancer causing chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes exits in E-cigarettes. When you switch to vaping with e-cigarettes, you are no longer exposing yourself and those around you to those toxins.

These are benefits of choosing vaping over smoking. Not only is vaping superior for you and your health, but it is also accepted in public, it is better for the atmosphere, and it is much better for those around you.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Is E-liquid Australia Harmless and Risk-free

E-liquid is actually a combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, water and ideal flavor substances. Though nicotine can be used inside e-liquid mixture, it is 99% non-toxic as it is blended with various other elements soon after undergoing several filtration process. Consequently via this kind of e-liquid combination, you can get awesome vaping experience of normal approach. Moreover, you can see how e-liquid Australia is safe to use for cigarette smokers


Ritchy Liqua eJuice

Nicotine level fluctuates among companies that sell this product. The typical and quality of the product will never get damaged when nicotine level varies. The typical nicotine strength present ranges from 6mg up to 25 mg. This particular nicotine content will be drastically accountable for throat hit. Whenever nicotine is strong then the throat hit effect is substantial and vice-verse. Heavy tobacco smokers typically prefer nicotine level from 18mg. Nevertheless is this volume of nicotine safe for smokers? To overcome this kind of argument, there's no solid proof present however there is absolutely no research results that says nicotine is bad for health. But one thing can be assured, electronic cigarette are viewed as as best alternative for people who have tobacco smoking habit. And this e-liquid Australia will be solely accountable in supplying great smoking expertise.

Even though consulting with doctors, they have got neutral opinion in relation to e-cig smoking. They say e-liquid is safe since the substance doesn't include almost any cancer generating components. Nevertheless if you're passive in smoking e-liquid Australia then consult the physician to get opinion on the same.

Bottom-line, here is the list of numerous nicotine quantities and its concentration within the substance:

•             E-liquid that is nicotine free contains 0mg of nicotine along with vegetable glycol, flavoring as well as PV.

•             Low nicotine strength consists of 4mg to 8mg of nicotine along with other elements.

•             The nicotine together with mid strength standard possesses 10mg to 14mg of nicotine for every single milliliter of e-liquid.

•             Nicotine with high strength standard have got 16mg to 18mg of the substance for each and every milliliter. Pick the normal you prefer.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Niche Information about Electronic Cigarette Kit Australia

Do you think that electronic cigarette are banned in Australia? If you say “Yes” then you are wrong. E-cigarette containing nicotine is prohibited however people can buy nicotine-free e-cigs from any reliable, licensed seller within the country.

If you are a tobacco smoker who likes to get into alternative smoking method then this article will clearly explain you about electronic cigarette kit Australia. When you are starting out with e-cigarette then it is prime thing to buy e-cig kit. There are different types of kit available in market which are based on heavy smokers, moderate smokers and starters. It is essential to pick the right category after analysing.

The electronic cigarette kit Australia for heavy smokers contain large battery that can be utilized up to 900 milliamp hours, clearomizer (Greater capacity), e-liquid (With flavour that you choose) and USB cable. Some of the kits can also contain extra battery depending upon the budget you invest for it. After buying the kit, charge the battery using USB cable via USB port. You can also recharge the battery by connecting USB cable to the wall plug. After recharging the battery, press the small button present which makes the battery to deliver power to the clearomizer. Thus the e-liquid present in clearomizer is heated up to 90 degree C. And as result, the heated e-liquid gets converted into vapor.

Now, we can look into the second model of electronic cigarette kit Australia. This model mimics the real cigarette and it can be preferred by e-cig beginners. This model gives look and feel similar to the real ones and hence smokers can think they still dint get away from smoking. Here when the e-cigarette light is pressed and switched ON, the red colour LED lights up at the other end which resembles the burn in tobacco cigarette.

Hence pick the right starter kit of your choice.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tips to Clean Electronic Cigarette Clearomiser Melbourne

Though electronic cigarettes are considered as best alternative to traditional cigarettes, it requires maintenance since it is not thrown away after using. Thus in order to get good smoking experience, it becomes essential to keep electronic cigarette clearomiser Melbourne clean.

Why Clearomiser requires maintenance? It is because, in due course of time, the component collects dust particles. This impurities may affect the e-liquid quality present inside. Hence it spoils the entire e-vaping enjoyment. Moreover life span of clearomiser also gets reduced if it is used along with dirt and dust. Cleaning ensures quality puffing and also neglects side effects.

But when does your electronic cigarette clearomiser Melbourne requires cleaning? When you can get the burnt taste or smell while puffing or when vapor production is poor, you also feel difficulties to draw air while smoking then it is time to change atomizer.

Cleaning Methods:

Just remove the clearomizer and battery from e-cigarette fittings. Later carefully blow the clearomizer by keeping its end near your mouth. Keep the battery above paper towel and whip the dust. Blow twice or more if required to remove dust near atomizer. This cleaning method is simple and can be done by DIY’s with ease.

Soaking Method:

This is considered to be the best method to clean clearomiser and used by many smokers. You can soak the component in pure water for an hour. Secondly use blow out strategy to remove additional water and leave it under soaking for another two hours. Make the clearomizer to dry for at least 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can utilize the spare component if you have.

By using warm water for rinsing, it will fix certain small issues in electronic cigarette clearomiser Melbourne. This hot water rinsing brings fast results than soaking. Do follow any of these methods and keep the clearomizer dust-free.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Electronic Cigarette Atomiser Melbourne - Hypersensitive Element of E-cigarette

Even though atomizer is one part of e-cigarette, it truly is most important one to offer people the particular feel of vaping. Electronic cigarette atomiser Melbourne is responsible for changing the particular e-liquid to vapor and it comes whenever breathing out.

The best way Atomizer Seems Like?

It is little metal tube accessible in numerous shapes and sizes to adjust to just about any e-cigarette. Therefore for anyone who is purchasing atomizer separately then verify whether this specific element fits appropriately for your e-cigarette, otherwise it might be waste of cash. The inner side of metal tube is made up of tiny metal wire clusters. This specific cluster serves as heating component and as a micro pump.

What occurs to electronic cigarette atomiser Melbourne during e-smoking?

As soon as you switch ON the particular e-cigarette, a sensor travels to circuit board and battery which actually transmits two electrical alerts to pump as well as heating device of atomizer. The particular pump is responsible to maneuver the actual e-liquid within atomizer and the heating device converts the actual e-liquid straight into vapor.

Hence when atomizer isn't able to work, the actual e-liquid just isn't changed into vapor and you will definitely miss the throat hit impact. As a result take note of the signs of atomizer failure along with change it ultimately.

Electronic cigarette atomiser Melbourne is considered to be by far the most sensitive part of electronic cigarette and the common symptoms of its failure are - noise production through every single drag, the e-liquid floats into the oral cavity whilst smoking, inadequate vapor production. When your atomizer struggles with these kinds of problems then take into account replacing it. It will always be best to keep spare atomizers handy. As a result if one atomizer fails to work, you can reload the other immediately. In particular heavy smokers, who often e-smoke, can follow this technique to move away from discontentment.

Would you additionally agree that e-cigarette atomiser is most sensitive part of the device?

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tricks to Opt E-cig Starter Kit Australia

 Are you new to e cigarette smoking? Then actually you have to know couple of factors about starter kits specifically E-cig Starter Kit Australia and even strategies to find the core kit that suit anyone. However, before that, an e-cig starter kit Australia consists of set of parts required for smoking right immediately. The actual starter kit various to be suitable for novices or perhaps heavy tobacco users. And that is the reason it's essential to learn to obtain basic starter kit that you will find friendly for you.

Should you head over to offline or online stores to invest in e-cig starter kit Australia, You need to realise just what taste you like. Mostly, beginners don't know pertaining to flavours and eventually they wind up by picking out the particular electronic cigarette flavour that they aren't keen on. As a result to prevent this circumstance, shop online regarding the flavors varieties accessible in market before forking out money for your item.

Secondly, you must take note of battery sturdiness. Several core kit get two or three batteries. If you are standard smoker who smokes for every couple of hours then purchasing that starter kit could well be reasonably priced. The particular kit provides you with charging factors and hence make certain whether or not those charging components exist inside kit. If not, you are unable to charge the battery and as a result, it will die shortly.

Whenever an electronic cigarette starter kit is little high priced then it does not imply it truly is good quality product and vice-verse. Throughout current world, merchandise that do not have quality also cost high. Therefore just don't buy very costly product.

The e-cig starter kit Australia also needs to have other facilities to make users to top off the actual cartridges in addition to vape much more every day or maybe USB charging facility etc.

As a result ensure whether the electronic cigarette starter kit satisfies all these boundaries. If so then very well proceed to get it. Enjoy the safe and also happy smoke anytime!!

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

E-cig Mod Kit Australia - Kinds along with Benefits

As a result of the actual new arrivals of electronic cigarette mods in the industry, folks that are utilizing it also get puzzled. There is one frequent question amid persons just what e-cig mod to acquire? To be able to deal with this question, an individual ought to have ideas about e-cig mod kit Australia. The mod kit components plus its sorts might vary determined by brands on the other hand the key benefits along with performing principals are generally identical. Here, you know about the mod type, later do research and find out which mod brand suits your own smoking style.

Electronic cigarette usually are offered within numerous versions including mini e-cigarettes, slim model and mod cigarettes. The term "Mod" often represents innovative model or even modification completed inside e-cigarette structure as well as technology. For anyone who is going to obtain e-cig mod kit Australia then you actually have to know about one-piece mod kit, two-piece mod e-cigarette kit in addition to three-piece mod kit model.

One-piece Mod Kit: They are also acknowledged as disposable electronic cigarette. If you're searching for temporary nicotine solution as well as looking upon brand's in order to choose try obtaining one-piece mod kit. Though this particular e-cig are certainly not reliable, you can actually merely make use of it for one time and dispose away.

Two-piece Mod Kit: Depending upon the cartomizers present in this kit, you can re-fill and furthermore recharge the actual batteries once or twice. This kind of mod kit contains only battery and also cartridge with in-built atomizer and it is together thought to be as cartomizers. The particular element can be very easily removed and replaced any time it requires replacement.

Three Piece E-cig Mod Kit Australia: Here, the particular kit contains battery, atomizer and also plastic cartridge that may be filled together with poly cotton. Resulting from unreliability, inconvenience this kind of electronic cigarette mod is certainly becoming significantly less popular nowadays.

You'll be able to use trendy variable voltage e-cigarettes or even mid-size or two-piece electronic cigarettes which are generally escalating high in level of popularity.

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